CLP Training

Our main training course, CLP Mastery, is available from .

The Accountability Programme version is a hybrid online/ live video meet-up training course, combining the best of virtual and personal training, where we take a small group through the course in 10 to 12 weekly meetings (and you have access to everything for a full year).  There’s also a Self-Serve version if you need less support, which includes Monthly Meet-Ups to ask questions and meet your fellow trainees (also open to Accountability Programme trainees).

If you’re starting out with CLP and not sure if a classification course is right for you, why not take our free video series, An Introduction to CLP?  You can sign up here.

Our classification course is much more than simply making you aware of the CLP regulation requirements and providing some exercises so you can practice.

During the course, we provide explanations, methods, read-across tables and calculations to classify substances and mixtures – it’s a bit like the old Approved Classification and Labelling Guide, which you could work through and end up with a classification.

We also provide forms to record how you have arrived at a classification, which can be kept for the statutory 10 year period (after the date of last supply of the product) required by the CLP Regulation.

The training includes practical online exercises and work-through examples to help you understand some of the pitfalls involved in classifying under CLP.  Accountability Programme trainees are welcome to bring their own real-life mixture classification examples to work through with the group.

At the end of the course, you will have all the tools you need to classify and label under CLP, and be equipped with a comprehensive training pack including detailed worked examples of classifications and SDS production.

CLP classification training is recommended for everybody classifying under CLP, even where you have a reputable classification software package, because there is so much more manual input needed under CLP than was required under CHIP.

Course feedback (original live course):

“Many thanks for a fantastic course. I learnt a lot and it will help immensely with our products and procedures”. (IL, 2015)

“Just like to say how much I enjoyed the course.  Very informative and I feel I got a lot from it that I can apply now that I am back in the office”. (HM, 2015)

“The training was very useful for me even though I was using it for refresher training I still learnt a lot!” (CH, 2015).

CLP awareness

This is a 2 hour course for people using hazardous chemicals in the workplace, such as laboratory or production staff.  It is usually held on your site.

It is an interactive course with presentations, quizzes and activities for groups or individuals.  The course aims to familiarize people with the changes to chemical labels due to the move from CHIP to CLP and helps them discover what it will mean at a practical level.  It highlights differences in labelling which may be important for day to day chemical use, and also during chemical incidents. This course is usually delivered on your site.

We are also happy to consider developing other CLP courses to meet your needs.

To find out more about our CLP training, including the next dates for our CLP classification course, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22, or email Janet.