Dossier Estimate

Use this free web calculator to estimate your REACH dossier costs, and check whether they are being shared in a fair way.

This calculator may be useful for importers into the EU, or manufacturers within the EU, who are intending to register under the REACH Regulation as Member Registrants (non Lead Registrants).

How to use the calculator

Type in the costs for each tonnage band (usually data plus administration costs); and the number of purchasers at each tonnage band level.  This information should be available from your Lead Registrant.  Don’t include Chemical Safety Report costs, as these are not shared by all dossier purchasers.

Disclaimer: this tonnage band calculator only works by assuming that all administration costs are pro rata on the data costs.  It includes an approximate estimation of costs should size discounts be applied for information, but these are indicative only, and actual discounts may be different.

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  • You don’t need to count a purchaser at a higher level as also purchasing data in the lower tonnage bands – the calculator does this for you.
  • If your costs per tonnage band don’t match those provided by the Lead Registrant, you may want to discuss their cost share model with them. They may be using a different cost share model, or have made a mistake.
  • The sets of calculations involving SME discounts assume that only micro SME buys 1- 10 tonne data, only small companies buy 10 – 100 tonne data, only medium companies buy 100 – 1000 tonne data, and only large companies buy 1000 tonne + data, which is not necessarily what happens in practice. However, this gives an indication of
  • If your Lead Registrant is considering offering SME discounts, they may be interested in our REACH Dossier Share product.
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For more help using this calculator, email us at . This calculator is provided as a service to industrial/ professional users only.