Energy Release Modelling

As part of your COMAH risk assessments, you may need to predict what would happen to people and the environment if there is a fire or explosion at your site.

We offer energy release modelling based on the US EPA RMP calculations as follows:

  • Radiant heat from a pool fire
  • Radiant heat from a fireball caused by a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion)
  • Blast radius from an explosion (TNT equivalent model)

US EPA energy calculations tend to be to a fixed end point, for example their explosion model calculates the distance to 1 psi overpressure.  In order to make the calculations work for regulatory compliance in the UK, we have modified the US EPA equations to enable the calculations to be carried out to any “end point”, for example explosion distance to 10 psi, 5 psi, 1 psi and 0.3 psi overpressures.

As well as providing all of the results, equations and assumptions behind energy release modelling, we can visually present the results on a site plan, or a map showing the site and surrounding area, so that the potential consequences of a fire or explosion are easier to understand.

Visually mapping the areas which could potentially be affected by fire and explosion also enables reasonably accurate estimates of casualties to be determined, based on the number of premises or households located within the mapped areas, and the typical occupancy rates during the day or overnight.

If you need help with energy release modelling, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email Janet.