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Environmental Permit

Many businesses handling hazardous materials (chemicals, waste or metal treatment) may need an Environmental Permit (IPPC permit in Scotland and Northern Ireland). We can help you apply, manage and surrender your permit.


Businesses that store or make hazardous chemicals in quantity may come under the Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) Regulations. We support both Upper and Lower Tier COMAH businesses, and can help you work out if your site is COMAH liable.


Manufacturers and importers of chemicals need to register substances under REACH by 1st June 2018. This will affect downstream businesses and end users. Our Self Help Group is supporting businesses of all sizes through registration and compliance.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring may be required under Environmental Permit to; establish baseline / surrender condition, if there is a pollution incident, or for development. We can help you develop your monitoring plan to comply with your obligations.

Environmental Modelling

Predictive modelling of actual or potential pollution may be required for Environmental Permit or COMAH purposes, or in the early stages of an environmental incident. We can model water, air and land pollution using a variety of tools.


The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation has replaced the old CHIP system for chemical supply labelling. We can help you understand and meet the requirements of the new regulations, train your staff, and alert you to potential pitfalls.

Classification Labelling and Packaging

CLP Overview
CLP Classification
CLP Notification
CLP Training