Environmental Monitoring Overview

Environmental projects often depend upon an element of site inspection or monitoring to provide:

  • baseline data for site condition
  • infrastructure condition statements;
  • routine industrial emissions monitoring;
  • ongoing assessment of pollution incidents or historic pollution.

Environmental monitoring includes a wide range of activities from non-intrusive actions such as site walkover inspections and surveying, through to intrusive exploratory ground investigation works.

A critical aspect of any environmental monitoring programmes is devising a practical programme of data collection.

This can include choosing monitoring locations, deciding on the nature and frequency of samples to be taken, and the tests required on those samples. It may not always be possible to take samples exactly where you would like for a particular site, and we are experts in fitting monitoring locations around site activities.

We have a solid track record in setting up environmental monitoring programmes to meet the requirements of the Environment Agency, including balancing the need for good quality data with keeping costs under control.

How We Can Help

Our environmental monitoring services include:

If you need help with Environmental Monitoring, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email Janet.