About us

TT Environmental Ltd is a specialist chemical and environmental consultancy helping industry and business meet their environmental and chemical safety obligations.  We can help you:

  • Deal with environmental regulations effectively.
  • Reduce your environmental impacts by using best practice pollution prevention and waste minimisation techniques, particularly for hazardous chemicals.
  • Perform environmental emissions modelling accurately.
  • Investigate and advise on contaminated land and groundwater.
  • Help you understand the impact of chemicals on the environment, safety and health.

Please note that in order to comply with the requirements of the Provision of Services Regulation 2009, we provide services to businesses and not directly to private individuals.

As a small, friendly and flexible consultancy, we treat all our clients and their businesses on an individual basis. This makes good environmental sense, as every site is different and has unique environmental risks. Our consultants specialise in different fields, and work as a multidisciplinary team to help solve environmental problems.

Our clients include businesses from very small SMEs through UK PLCs to multinationals. Client businesses include chemical and allied products; cosmetics, toiletries and detergents; dyes and pigments; metal treatment plants; food and drink; plastics; pharmaceuticals; paper and board; and any industrial site which makes or uses hazardous chemicals.