Land and Groundwater Monitoring

You may need land and groundwater monitoring for a variety of reasons, such as Environmental Permit or COMAH compliance, to track or remediate a spill, or to obtain Planning Permission (see our Contaminated Land page).

Land and groundwater monitoring may include:

  • Soil sampling from trial pits or boreholes, including field descriptions, field tests, and laboratory tests
  • Groundwater monitoring, using drilling rigs to install monitoring wells, field tests, and laboratory tests on groundwater samples.

TTE staff are experienced in collecting soil and groundwater samples, and in carrying out various field tests on these samples.  Our insurances fully cover TT Environmental for field investigation activities.  Where ongoing monitoring is required, we can also train your staff to take representative groundwater samples (see our Environmental Monitoring Training page).

Sample analysis is sub-contracted to one or more accredited laboratories depending on the type and nature of the samples, and the substances of interest.  We have developed good working relationships with a number of laboratories and appreciate their specific areas of capability and expertise.

If you have qualified chemists and good laboratory facilities in-house, it may be possible for your staff to carry out some types of laboratory testing.  However, this would need to be with the full knowledge and approval of your regulators.  It is likely that any tests carried out in an internal laboratory may not satisfy certain accreditation requirements your regulator may expect, and would therefore need to be verified by regular external laboratory testing.

Where drilling rigs or other heavy machinery such as excavators are required, we have good working relationships with several contractors who can provide these services, and who are familiar with working on high hazard sites and have the health and safety experience needed.

If you need help with Land and/or Groundwater Monitoring, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email

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Contaminated Land

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Environmental Monitoring Training

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