Air and Odour Modelling

Air modelling may be required for applications under Environmental Permit, COMAH, and also for obtaining Planning Permission.

As a first step, we recommend the use of the H1 software from the EA to screen air emissions from fixed points such as vents or stacks.  This is sufficient to rule out insignificant emissions to the regulator’s satisfaction, or show whether detailed modelling is required.

We usually use ADMS, Air Dispersion Modelling Software, for modelling releases to air.  ADMS can also be used for odour modelling, where a reasonable estimate of “odour units” can be made.

ADMS requires detailed information on the source chemical(s) to be modelled, the emission points, and also a significant amount of weather data, which has to be purchased from the Met Office or other providers.

For ADMS work, we use reliable specialist sub-consultants and help them with obtaining appropriate information to put into the model.  We can also carry out risk assessments based on the outcome of the ADMS modelling.

If you need help with Air and Odour Modelling, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email