Environmental Modelling Overview

You may need environmental modelling for:

  • Environmental Permit application or surrender
  • Environmental Permit compliance
  • COMAH compliance
  • Planning permission
  • Modelling an incident which has occurred to predict consequences

Modelling is usually required where a risk assessment is required for human safety, health or environmental effects.

There are a wide range of environmental models available from the environmental regulators (the Environment Agency, the US EPA), and commercially.  The key to obtaining good quality model results is using an appropriate model and representative input data.  Where there is no appropriate model available from regulators or commercially, we may be able to use one of our simple in-house models.

We specialise in modelling pollution / chemical releases to air, water or land, either as routine point-source emissions or as accidental releases.  We also model releases of energy, in the form of explosions and radiant heat from fires, for predictive purposes.

If you need help with Environmental Modelling and Risk Assessment, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email Janet.

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