Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water monitoring may be required routinely under Environmental Permit if you have a stream or river on or next your site.  It may also be necessary if you have direct discharge of effluent into surface waters, although this is no longer common.

Surface water monitoring can also be helpful as part of investigations following an accidental release of polluting materials under Environmental Permit, COMAH, or other legislation such as the Environmental Liability Directive.

We can carry out surface water monitoring of streams or rivers where there is good access, e.g. from a bridge or bank.  Where surface water access is poor, or monitoring is required from larger water bodies, we can arrange for safe sampling to be carried out by sub-contractors.

Analysis of surface waters is carried out by one of our sub-contract laboratories, in the same way as groundwater is analysed.

If you need help with Surface Water Monitoring, contact Janet on 01422 24 22 22 or email Janet.