Dossier Share

Dossier Share is an online software system for Lead Registrants and their administrators.

It allows the costs of REACH data and associated administration costs to be shared between registrants of all types, with the ability to apply SME discounts if the SIEF agree to this.

The program includes a full audit trail, so the administrator can see who has purchased data at what tonnage band level. It includes a handy quotation facility, so that an accurate quote can be given to the next prospective purchaser. There is also an automatic calculation for refunds, so you can see at a glance which registrants are owed money.

There is a quick overview available on youtube; see right, and for an online demonstration, email Janet. Dossier Share can also be installed on your own servers. For a quote, contact Janet.

COMING SOON – DossierShare currently works fully for Lead Registrants selling Letters of Access only, where there are no sales of information as read-across data, or partial opt-out registrations. We are working on the software to account for sales of data for read-across to other SIEFs, and to enable opt-out of individual data end points, as per the new requirement for One Substance One Registration in the 2016/9 Implementing regulation, see .

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