When to classify a mixture for CLP yourself

CLP mixture classifications are usually carried out by the company making the mixture, or by the company importing the mixture.

Mixtures need to be classified for CLP when they are made within the EU, or imported from outside the EU.  It is the responsibility of the formulator or importer to classify the mixture for CLP before placing it on the EU market.

Unlike substances, CLP classifications of mixtures are not published by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), so there is no published database you can look up to use. Logically, publishing mixture classifications would be of very limited value, as most mixtures are unique to the company which has made them, and the exact formulations are trade secrets.  This means that it is much more likely that you will classify mixtures rather than substances.

However, Poison Centre Notification for mixtures requires that you give a certain amount of information on your mixture, including its classification and some information on its components to one or more Poison Centres, although this information is confidential and not supposed to be published.  For more information, see https://ttenvironmenta.wpengine.com/knowledgebase_category/poison-centre-notification/ .



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