Unique Formulation Identifier number

The Unique Formulation Identifier number, or UFI, is a number to identify a formulation or mixture in a way analogous to the CAS or EC number, but only for mixtures sold within the EU.

The UFI does not replace any hazardous substance identity numbers, as these will still be required to be included in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

The UFI number must be placed on the mixture label, preceded by the letters UFI.  The UFI must also go on any SDS required (although SDSs are not required for consumer products).  At the time of writing, April 2017, there is no guidance on whether the UFI should be placed in Section 1 of the SDS, or Section 2.2, and the HSE Helpdesk have indicated that they are happy with either format until ECHA issue formal guidance.

The format of the UFI number is a mixture of alphabetical and numerical figures in the a 16-figure format, with 4 blocks of numbers or letters separated by hyphens as follows:  XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX .

The UFI is to be generated by the formulator or importer into the EU prior to it being registered with an individual Poison Centre, and is then valid across the EU.

The UFI concept has been brought into CLP in 2017, and there is a phase in period as follows:

  • consumer use, 2020
  • professional use, 2021
  • industrial use, 2024

For more information on UFIs and Poison Centre Notification, see https://ttenvironmenta.wpengine.com/knowledgebase_category/poison-centre-notification/ .

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