UK Poison Centre Notification

At the time of writing, February 2018, the UK Poison Centres are run by the National Poisons Information Service, NPIS, which is headquartered in Birmingham but has several other offices.

To notify a product to the UK Poison Centre, you need to send them an email with your product SDS. At the time of writing, it is understood that it is not mandatory to generate a Unique Formulation Identifier before making notification to NPIS, but you can do this on a voluntary basis.

The NPIS website suggests emailing , but a member of the Chemical Regulations Self Help Group recommends emailing and copying in instead.

The NPIS’s website is at, and the relevant page about submitting an SDS is at .

Note that UK Poison Centres currently only provide information to medical professionals, so you cannot put their telephone number on the SDS.  However, they give this guidance on their website:

Information for manufacturers wishing to submit safety data sheets
The UK Government has stated that, “The emergency telephone number in section 1.4 of the safety data sheet should give access to advice for product users in case of problematic exposure.  The advice should preferably be given by an appropriate person from the supplier, or from an organisation contracted by the supplier for this purpose. However, suppliers may wish to also include in section 1.4 the recommendation that the enquirer should call NHS 111 or a doctor.

Poison Centre Notification in the UK is currently free of charge.

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