Tactile CLP Labels

Tactile CLP labels or packages are required for consumer products with specific hazards.  The tactile warning sign for chemical hazards is a raised triangle.  This can either be transparent, to allow information beneath the label to be read, or it can be opaque.

These are:

  • Acute toxicity Category 1 to 3:  H300, H310, H330, H301, H311, H331
  • Acute toxicity Category 4: H302, H312, H332
  • STOT single exposure Category 1: H370
  • STOT single exposure Category 2: H371
  • STOT repeated exposure Category 1: H372
  • STOT repeated exposure Category 2: H373
  • Skin corrosion Category 1, 1A, 1B and 1C: H314
  • Respiratory sensitisation (category 1), H334
  • Aspiration hazard Category 1, H304
  • Germ cell mutagenicity Category 2: H341
  • Carcinogenicity Category 2: H351
  • Reproductive toxicity Category 2: H361
  • Flammable gases Category 1 and 2: H220, H221
  • Flammable liquids Category 1 and 2: H224, H225
  • Flammable solids Category 1 and 2: H228

Note that tactile labelling does not necessarily apply to transportable gas receptacles. Aerosols and containers fitted with a sealed spray attachment and containing substances or mixtures classified as presenting an aspiration hazard need not be fitted with a tactile warning unless they are classified for one or more of the other hazards as listed above.

If you need to use tactile labels, you need to ensure they comply with EN ISO standard 11683, as amended, ‘Packaging — Tactile warnings of danger — Requirements’.  This should be confirmed by the label manufacturer.

In the event that you want to read the standard yourself, it can be purchased from the BSI in the UK, https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/ .  Hibiscus plc have produced a good summary of the standard which can be read at http://hibiscus-plc.co.uk/blog/e-cigarettes-clp-labelling-and-tactile-warning-labels/  (towards the bottom of the page).

We have produced a list of companies who provide tactile warning labels: Companies for tactile labels 04-04-2017

It is also possible to use packaging which has the tactile warning incorporated into it, for details see: https://ttenvironmenta.wpengine.com/clp-knowledgebase/tactile-clp-packaging/ .

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