Summary of EUH Statement classification

EUH Statements are not part of the CLP-GHS classification, but additional labelling information used in the EU.  They should be classified after the CLP-GHS classification has been obtained, as some are at a lower level and can be superseded by the CLP-GHS classification.

EUH Statements can be classified in several ways, depending on what type of EUH Statement they are

  • old CHIP classifications (R phrases)
  • health hazards not included in CLP-GHS (toxic by eye contact, corrosive to the respiratory tract)
  • on the basis of their hazardous components (for mixtures) or impurities (for substances)
  • for general information

EUH Statements do not give rise to signal words or P statements, but in one case (EUH071, Corrosive to the respiratory tract), they can give rise to a pictogram (EUH05, Corrosive), if the product does not already have this pictogram applied.

More than one EUH Statement can apply to a product.

All applicable EUH Statements should be applied to the Supplementary part of the CLP label, and Section 2.2 of the SDS (if one is required).

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