Summary of CLP packaging requirements

CLP packages are required for all materials classified for CLP.  Any CLP material which is packaged according to its specific requirements for Transport is automatically considered to be packaged correctly.  Transport of Dangerous Goods requirements refer to the type and construction of the package, and also the ullage, that is the volume any package can be filled to.

Most CLP products which are not packaged to Transport requirements have a series of common-sense requirements to meet for CLP.  There are no ullage specifications in CLP as such, but it is recommended that the ullage guidelines in Transport are followed.

Consumer goods with specific hazards may required tactile labels for the visually impaired; child-resistant fastenings; or both.

Laundry liquitabs, which are liquid laundry detergents in a water-soluble packaging, have to meet specific requirements for both packaging and labelling to try to avoid small children chewing on them and being harmed.

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