Specific REACH information on the SDS

The overall Safety Data Sheet (SDS) framework is defined within GHS, and is currently brought into EU law via the REACH regulations.

This might be seen as an unusual approach, as GHS itself contains information on classification, labelling, packaging and the SDS, as CHIP did prior to REACH being implemented in 2008.  The reason why SDSs are implemented via REACH in the EU is because the SDS is used to communicate information about REACH, as well as the typical chemical hazards found on a traditional SDS.

Specific REACH information on the SDS includes:

  • the REACH registration number (section 1.1)
  • REACH uses (sections 1.1 and 7.3)
  • The results of PBT and vPvB assessment, where these are required (section 12.5)
  • whether a Chemical Safety Report has been produced (section 15.2)
  • Exposure Scenarios from the CSR (Annex to SDS)

A CSR is required for all substances fully REACH-registered at 10 tonnes per annum or above, and also in some specific circumstances:

When a Chemical Safety Report (and SDS Annex) is required. (Click on image to enlarge it).

Download the flowchart here: When a CSR is required .

Information on the SDS must also match the information in the substance’s REACH dossier, including:

  • contact information (section 1.3, all SDSs)
  • exposure controls (section 8, if CSR required)
  • physical and chemical information (section 9, all SDSs)
  • toxicology (section 11, if CSR required)
  • ecotoxicology (section 12, if CSR required)

This information is summarised in a document: Summary of REACH information on SDSs .


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