Selling and advertising CLP products

When you sell a CLP-liable product, it must be labelled with the relevant CLP information, allowing for any derogations for pack size.

There are also rules for advertising CLP products, which apply to both face-to-face and internet sales, which are found in Article 48 of CLP:

  • for CLP-liable substances, any advert must mention the hazard classes (e.g. skin corrosion/ irritation, flammable) or hazard categories (highly flammable liquid and vapour) of the substance, regardless of who the end user is
  • for CLP-liable mixtures, or those with supplementary information on the label, any advert which allows a consumer to purchase the product without seeing the label beforehand must mention the type or types of hazard on the label.  The HSE recommend that the best way to do this is to provide the Hazard Statements applicable to the mixture, with the addition of the relevant pictograms and Signal Word if that helps describe the hazards of the mixture more accurately.   For practical purposes, it may be easier to provide the full label information.

CLP-liable mixtures (including supplementary information) for professional or industrial use do not appear to be covered by these rules, but you would have to make sure that a consumer cannot accidentally purchase from you (e.g. through pre-screening internet customers).  It is anticipated that, to meet normal Trading Standards, information on the hazards would have to be provided to a non-consumer purchaser anyway, e.g. through the provision of a Safety Data Sheet before the sale is made.


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