Section 14 of the SDS

14 Transport information

The sub-sections are:

  • 14.1. UN number
  • 14.2. UN proper shipping name
  • 14.3. Transport hazard class(es)
  • 14.4. Packing group
  • 14.5. Environmental hazards
  • 14.6. Special precautions for user
  • 14.7. Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL73/78 and the IBC Code

Most transport information should be obtained from your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA), if you have one, or it can be derived from following the classification procedure given in ADR.

Information on whether or not a product is classed as a Marine Pollutant comes under the IMDG code, see for details.

14.1. UN number

This is format UNxxxx.

14.2. UN proper shipping name

UN proper shipping name (PSN) should be listed.

However, there is a lack of clarity at the time of writing (November 2017) about whether the name should be in one of the 6 modal languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese) used in Transport, or whether the PSN should be listed in the language of the user, as required under CLP.

If the SDS contents are supposed to match the Transport information, then the PSN should be in one of the 6 “modal languages” used in the Transport rules.

However, there is nothing to stop you including extra information on an SDS, such as a translation into the language of the SDS, and some companies do this as a courtesy to their end users.

A website which may be helpful in translating PSN’s is (not an official website, use at your own risk).

If you are selling into another EU country, it might be sensible to check with their Competent Authority for REACH to see which language(s) they require the PSN to be listed.

If selling to the USA, Section 14 of the SDS is not mandatory, but English would presumably be expected if you include Section 14 voluntarily.

14.3. Transport hazard class(es)

e.g. Class 8, Corrosive Substance Or Not applicable.

14.4. Packing group

e.g. Packing Group I etc, or No packing group number.

14.5. Environmental hazards

(Not) Classified as environmentally hazardous according to UN Model Regulations (IMDG, ADR, RID and ADN).

 (Not) Marine Pollutant according to IMDG

14.6. Special precautions for user        List any special precautions which a user should be aware of in connection with transport or conveyance either on or off their premises.

14.7. Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL73/78 and the IBC Code

Either “Product will not be transported in bulk according to these regulations, not applicable”., or:

 Product name

Ship type required

Pollution category

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