Products with labelling derogations

Certain products are allowed to have reduced label information or no CLP labels.  These derogations are listed in the CLP Regulation, Annex I, section 1.2, Derogations from labelling requirements for special cases and include:

  • transportable gas cylinders (with a water capacity 150 litres or less)
  • gas containers intended for propane, butane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • aerosols and containers fitted with a sealed spray attachment and containing substances or mixtures classified as presenting an aspiration hazard
  • metals in massive form, alloys, mixtures contaiing polyers and mixtures containing elastomers (if presenting no hazard to human health or the aquatic environment)
  • explosives placed on the market with a view to obtaining an explosive or pyrotechnic effect
  • substances or mixtures classified as corrosive to metals but not corrosive to skin and/or eyes
  • certain aerosols

The CLP regulation should be read to confirm the exact requirements of these derogations.

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