Pro forma CLP labels

We have made some CLP pro forma labels in Word for you to use if you are printing labels in-house (e.g. for lab samples etc):

A5 Pro forma label v2 02-02-2018

A6 Pro forma label v2 02-02-2018

A7 Pro forma label v2 02-02-2018

A8 Pro forma label v2 02-02-2018

A8 Pro forma label 10mm symbol 15-02-2018

There are also pro forma CLP pictograms for adding into the Word documents, at the various minimum sizes: CLP Pictograms in word for in-house labels 2

Notes on pro forma labels:

  • These labels are designed to be printed on A4 label substrate and then guillotined or cut to size.
  • There are fewer labels to a page than theoretically possible (e.g. 1 A5 label instead of 2 A5 labels), but this allows for printer margins on a normal laser printer
  • The black border shows the correct minimum size of each label when printed on A4 paper. This is a cutting guide, and can either be kept on the label, or omitted by cutting through the border.
  • All items are “drag and drop”, that is they are text boxes or picture boxes, to enable you to alter the layout, although it is recommended you do not take text or images too close to the label border.
  • The correct minimum size of pictogram/symbol is shown for each label using black borders. These should be overlain with the correct size of pictogram from our symbol pro forma document.  You can simply copy and paste from one document to another.  It may be helpful to remove the black “placeholders” for the pictograms to prevent inadvertently printing these.
  • The page margins in these Word 2010 documents are set to “Normal”, which is 2.54 cm on each margin (on our laptops and printer combination). Please check your printer settings can cope with these margins.  If you need to adjust the page margins, the labels will move and you may need to readjust them to get them fitting properly onto the page (top tip – group all of the items together before moving to retain your layout, then un-group to edit individual items)
  • Printing must include red borders on any pictograms, black and white or greyscale pictograms are not permitted on labels.
  • Don’t forget to delete any un-necessary information such as substance name if your product is a mixture, or trade name (and “contains” information) if your product is a substance

Suitable label substrates for in-house printing

Suitable label substrates for laser printing can be obtained commercially e.g. from .

Avery have recently brought out chemical label substrates, see their Ultra Heavy Duty Labels range at .  Avery also have free labelling software, , which can be run online, or downloaded to your own device, which can produce GHS-compliant labels.  There is even a mail-merge option.  If you don’t want to use Avery software to produce your CLP labels directly, they also have downloadable MS Word templates, see .


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