Non-Transport-approved packaging for CLP products

Many hazardous chemicals are packaged in containers approved for Transport under the requirements of the UN Transport system (ADR, IMDG, IATA etc).

However, smaller packages and consumer packages may not be approved for Transport, and under CLP these are required to meet certain standards.

Where packaging  contains hazardous product, and is not approved for Transport:

  • the package must be designed and constructed so that its contents cannot escape, unless there are other safety provisions
  • the materials used to make the packaging and fastenings shall not be susceptible to damage by the contents, or liable to form hazardous compounds with the contents
  • the packaging and fastenings shall be strong and solid throughout to ensure that they will not loosen and will safely meet the normal stresses and strains of handling
  • packaging fitted with replaceable fastening devices shall be designed so that it can be refastened repeatedly without the contents escaping

Extra packaging requirements for consumer goods

Packaging containing a hazardous product supplied to the general public shall not:

  • Have a shape or design likely to attract or arouse the active curiosity of children
  • Mislead consumers, and in particular have a similar presentation or design to foods, animal foods, medicines or cosmetics

For consumer goods with specific hazard classifications, child resistant fastenings may be required, see ; and/or tactile warnings may be required for the visually impaired, see  .

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