Misleading claims on Safety Data Sheet

Under REACH, it is prohibited to make misleading claims on a Safety Data Sheet which implies that a product which is hazardous is not hazardous; or that it is more safe than the classification indicates; or which contradicts the classification.

This includes statements such as ‘non-toxic’, ‘non-harmful’, ‘non-polluting’, ‘ecological’, etc. (Note that the prevention of the use of the word ‘ecological’ does not preclude indicating where a genuine eco-standard has been obtained for a product).

The safest approach is to keep the information on the hazards of the product to the information required by CLP, that is the H statements, P statements and EUH statements.

On the SDS, you should also include extra hazard information such as whether a product has a Workplace Exposure Limit, and also include any non-CLP hazards which you consider should also be communicated to the user.

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