Lead containing products

Lead metal and lead compounds are known to be particularly toxic to humans if ingested or inhaled in small concentrations.

Lead, its compounds, and mixtures containing lead or lead compounds are covered by a specific Workplace Exposure Limit for lead.  However this is not listed in EH40, but instead sits in the Control of Lead at Work Regulations Approved Code of Practice, 2002, which can be downloaded from free as a pdf from https://books.hse.gov.uk/bookstore.asp?ACTION=BOOK&PRODUCTID=9780717625659 . The Control of Lead at Work Regulations can be downloaded from http://www.legislation.gov.uk/all?title=control%20of%20lead%20at%20work (note there are two sets of regulations, one for Northern Ireland in 2003, and one for the rest of the UK in 2002).

Paint and varnished which contain lead lead at or above 0.15% w/w (as determined by ISO6503) should have EUH201 applied to the label, Contains lead. Should not be used on surfaces liable to be chewed or sucked by children, or for packaging content less than 125ml, Warning! Contains lead. For more information see: https://ttenvironmenta.wpengine.com/clp-knowledgebase/euh-classification-sequence/ . 


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