Laundry Liquitabs

Laundry liquitabs, that is coloured liquid laundry detergents in soluble packaging, have been found to be highly attractive to very small children, and there have been several incidents inside the EU where babies and toddlers have chewed through the packaging and caused themselves harm.

To try to reduce the risks, the EC issued an update to the CLP regulation specifically on the packaging of laundry liquitabs, including new conditions on the rate of dissolution of the packages, and also requirements to include a warning “Keep out of reach of children” on the outer pack, which should also be made difficult for small children to open.  Full details at .

There has also been a campaign among laundry liquitab manufacturers, so that all TV advertisements include a warning to store them out of reach of small children.

The EC are to be applauded for acting fairly quickly to deal with a problem which has arisen through a new technology.

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