Fixing the CLP Label to a Package

CLP contains some rules about where a CLP label should be fixed to a package.

Briefly, the label should be readable when the package is being stored.  For drums and IBCs, this means the label should be on the side of the drum, not the top.  For sacks, this means the label should be positioned depending on whether the sack is stored flat or standing up.

There are no rules on the adhesives to be used to fix a CLP label to a package, but the label must be “firmly affixed”.  This is in contrast to Transport, in particular IMDG, where labels must meet a 6-month salt water immersion test and still be legible and firmly affixed to the package (BS:5609).

Label information can be printed directly onto a drum or sack, as long as the rules on the pictogram colour are followed (that is a red border, white background and black symbol).  This happens more often with e.g. woven sacks which are single-use, as drums are often re-used (after professional cleaning).

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