Finding information on component substances

In order to classify a mixture for health and environmental hazards, it is essential to know the CLP classification of every component substance.

However, this information may only be available with CHIP classifications, or other non-CLP/GHS classifications (e.g. from an old SDS, or a non-GHS jurisdiction); or GHS rather than CLP classifications, from outside the EU; or the SDS may not include any classifications for the mixture components at all.

In this situation, there are a number of routes you can take:

  • If you have the CAS or other identifier numbers, search for substance information on the ECHA database, using Harmonised Classification data and REACH registration data (if good quality) in preference to using C&L inventory classifications
  • Where the component substances are classified for CHIP, use the Annex VII method to classify tentatively for CLP, for use in the mixture classification
  • Translate the classification from other jurisdictions

The methods available are all described in .

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