CLP Pictograms (Symbols)

There are 9 CLP Pictograms (or symbols to normal people, although technically under CLP-GHS-speak the symbol is the internal image in the overall pictogram).

The CLP Pictograms are all derived from GHS, and comprise a diamond shape with a white background and a bright red border, surrounding an internal symbol.

GHS01 Explosive

GHS02 Flammable

GHS03 Oxidising

GHS04 Gas under pressure

GHS05 Corrosive

GHS06 Toxic

GHS07 Low level harm, irritant, skin sensitisation, damage to ozone layer

GHS08 Lung damage, lung sensitisation, long term harm (carcinogen, mutagen, reproductive toxin)

GHS09 Environmental harm


The symbols can be downloaded as a poster here: GHS-CLP-Pictograms-poster .

Comparison of CLP pictograms with CHIP symbols (mini poster): GHS-CLP-Pictograms-and-CHIP-Symbols

CLP Pictograms with associated H Codes (mini poster): CLP symbols with H codes A4 

Pictogram (symbol precedence)

Under CHIP, there was a strict precedence on hazard symbols, so that you could only have a single physical hazard, a single health hazard, and the environmental hazard (if it applied to the product).

With CLP, this situation has changed, and there is a presumption that all symbols generated by the hazard classification will be placed on the label, with the exception of a few situations where one hazard over-rides another.

Note that you only place a pictogram on the label once, if you have three health hazards which all give rise to GHS06, Toxic, the pictogram only appears once.

Pictogram precedence:

  • Explosive (GHS01) overrides flammable (GHS02) and/or oxidising (GHS03) unless two symbols apply simultaneously eg H241.
  • If flammable (GHS02)or toxic (GHS06) applies to a compressed gas, you don’t need to have the gas bottle symbol (GHS04).
  • Corrosive symbol (GHS05) overrides harmful (GHS07) for skin or eye irritation, but not for other risks, eg harmful, skin sensitisation etc.
  • Toxic symbol,(GHS06), overrides harmful (GHS07), but not for other risks e.g. skin or eye irritation, skin sensitisation
  • If there is a long term health hazard symbol (GHS08) for respiratory sensitisation, do not include harmful (GHS07) for skin sensitisation or skin and eye irritation

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