CLP physical hazard classification from first principles

CLP physical hazards generally require test data to allow classification.  This applies to both substances and mixtures (where test data exists).  For mixtures which can be classified by calculation, see , however these methods should only be used where no test data on the mixture has been generated.

CLP physical hazard tests are discussed here: . This page includes the forms used to screen out inapplicable physical hazards where tests are not required.

Forms for classifying physical hazards from first principles based on test data:

First Principles Explosives Classification

First Principles Flammable Gases

First Principles Aerosols

First Principles Flammable Liquids

First Principles Flammable Solids

First Principles Self reactive substances and mixtures

First Principles Organic peroxides

First Principles Pyrophoric materials

First Principles Self heating products

First Principles In contact with water emit flam gases

First Principles Oxidising gases

First Principles Oxidising liquids and solids

First Principles Gases under pressure

First Principles Products corrosive to metal

First Principles Desensitised Explosives Classification

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