CLP label layout

CLP labels are required on the individual package, and on outer packs as well, see .

CLP labels can contain CLP information alone, or include extra non-CLP information (such as lot or batch numbers, or date of manufacture etc); or they can be a dual label with Transport information, which is often used for industrial chemicals packed in drums and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers).

The size of the CLP label (and the size of pictograms) depends on the size of the package being labelled.  There is a technical definition of the CLP label and which size it should be available at CLP label definition and sizes v2.0.

Package volume defines CLP label and symbol size (click on image to enlarge it).

You can download this infographic as a pdf: Package volume defines CLP label and symbol size.

Label and symbol minimum sizes to scale (click on pdf to enlarge it).

You can download this infographic as a pdf: Label and symbol minimum sizes to scale .

There is very little detail on how a CLP label should be laid out.  The regulations mainly refer to the content, and how the label is arranged is left up to individual companies:

  • the pictograms can be placed anywhere on the label, as long as they are all in one place
  • there is no definition of the shade of red to be used for pictogram (symbol) borders
  • the font size (height of lettering) is defined as “readable”, with no minimum size given (see Font sizes for CLP labels )
  • the Signal Word can be placed anywhere on the label
  • where more than one language is used, the translated information is to be placed next to the main language information, for more details see .

Where a dual CLP-Transport label is used, it is possible to omit CLP pictograms which are duplicates of the Transport symbol information, although this is voluntary, and some companies consider that it is potentially confusing so they do not do it.  If you are considering this option, the list of CLP pictograms which can be omitted if particular Transport symbols are on the label is: Reducing CLP symbols by using Transport symbols .

Usually, the name of the substance or trade name of the mixture is placed at the top of the label, with all the other information below it.  The symbols can be placed immediately beneath the name, or to the left or right hand side.  The chemical name (substance) or trade name (mixture) should be prominent on the label, and where a trade name is also used for a substance, this should not be more prominent than the chemical name.

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