CLP Label Content

The content of CLP labels for most package sizes is given in the CLP regulation as being:

  1. Supplier information – Name, address, telephone number.  This should be the details of the person supplying the product in the EU, and will therefore be an EU address and telephone number.  Other address and phone numbers (e.g. for the original manufacturer) can also be placed on the label, but this is optional.
  2. Nominal quantity – mandatory for consumer products under CLP, unless the information is given elsewhere on the package. (Also required under other legislation, e.g. Weights and Measures Act in the UK)
  3. Product identifiers – for substances, the chemical name and a valid identification number, if one exists; and for mixtures, the trade name, and names of component substances with health hazards which affect the classification of the mixture.  See and .
  4. Pictogram(s), where applicable – only one instance of each pictogram is permitted, and there is some precedence, see
  5. Signal word, where applicable – low hazard materials may not have a signal word
  6. H Statements – all relevant H statements must be listed, although some precedence applies
  7. P Statements – up to 6 P statements must be listed, precedence applies
  8. Supplementary information – EUH Statements, Plant Protection information, aerosol information etc.  Where a hazardous substance has a Unique Formulation Identifier (UFI), it should be placed in this section of the label. Where a substance (or component substance in a mixture) holds an Authorisation, the Authorisation number should be placed in this section of the label.  Under GHS, local information can be placed in the Supplementary Information of the label, so the content may be different in other GHS jurisdictions.

CLP label content (click on image to enlarge it).

This infographic can be downloaded as a pdf: CLP label content .

There are derogations for label content for small packages, where the small label size can mean that not all information can be displayed, see However, on outer packs, the full label information must be displayed.

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