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You are supplied with an individual log-in.  This must only be used by the named user, either alone or with people viewing the screen with them.  Multiple log-ins for users in the same company can be provided for a small extra charge.

Log-ins are provided for a year, from the date of the first person in a company signing up (additional users have the same renewal date as this person).  If you do not renew your subscription to the knowledgebase, access will be removed from all company users until the subscription monies are received.

Everything in the knowledgebase is copyrighted, either to ourselves, TT Environmental Ltd, or to the regulators (where extracts or copies of regulations have been provided).

You are allowed to copy the contents of the screens and associated attachments, and download and use the forms and printable materials in-house, for your own in-company use.

You must not use our copyright material for your own commercial benefit without out prior written permission.

You must not give away, provide links to, sell or resell these, or otherwise use these to anyone outside your company, either for free or for commercial purposes, without our prior written permission.

You must not allow anyone outside your company to use either your log-in or our information, without our prior written permission (e.g. a consultant who may need access to the knowledgebase for a specific project they are carrying out on your behalf).

We reserve the right to remove access to the knowledgebase from one or more of your company users if we consider that they are abusing the knowledgebase information, e.g. through selling access to the documents or allowing third parties to access it, or breaching copyright.

We will do our best to ensure that:

  • the information is as up-to-date as possible
  • we inform all current users of changes as soon as possible, via email
  • the information is correct according to our best understanding at the time of writing
  • you can access the knowledgebase 24 x 7 online, via any internet-enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone)

You should ensure that:

  • you are using the most up-to-date version of the knowledgebase, that is you refresh the browser screen regularly
  • any printed items you use, e.g. forms, printables, etc. are the most up-to-date versions possible
  • if you have any queries about the accuracy or up-to-dateness of the information, you report it to us as soon as possible
  • you check any information you are unsure about with the CLP regulation itself, and associated ECHA guidance,  and with the relevant Competent Authority in the EU country you are classifying, labelling and providing an SDS for, as it is your legal duty to ensure you are compliant with the legislation, which is known to be open to interpretation between different EU member states.
  • if you find an error or omission, you bring it to our attention as soon as possible, to help keep the knowledgebase up to date for you and all other users

Although we will do our best to ensure the information is up to date and accurate, liability cannot be accepted for:

  • omissions
  • errors e.g. typographical errors
  • errors in understanding
  • differences in interpretation from ECHA guidance and reported HSE advice
  • differences in interpretation to your own

Please note that any links to commercial services or products are provided for reference only, and, unless specifically stated as being recommended by TT Environmental Ltd, do not imply that we recommend you use those products or services.


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