Child resistant fastenings

Under CLP, consumer products with specific hazards are required to have child-resistant fastenings on the packages.

These hazards are:

  • Acute toxicity Category 1 to 3:  H300, H310, H330, H301, H311, H331
  • STOT single exposure Category 1: H370
  • STOT repeated exposure Category 1: H372
  • Skin corrosion Category 1, 1A, 1B and 1C: H314
  • Aspiration hazard Category 1, : H304 (except substances and mixtures placed on the market in the form of aerosols or in a container fitted with a sealed spray attachment).
  • Products containing methanol at ≥ 3 %
  • Products containing dichloromethane at ≥ 1 %

If you need to use child-resistant packaging, you need to ensure it complies with certain in European standards, which will usually be confirmed by the packaging manufacturer in their technical documentation:

  • Reclosable packages must comply with EN ISO 8317, as amended, ‘Child-resistant packages — Requirements and methods of testing for reclosable packages’
  • Non-reclosable packages must comply with CEN standard EN 862, as amended, Packaging — Child- resistant packaging — Requirements and testing procedures for non- reclosable packages for non-pharmaceutical products’

In the event that you want to read the standards yourself, they can be purchased from the BSI in the UK, .


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