Authorisation List

The Authorisation List comprises those substances which started out as Substances of Very High Concern, and which have been deemed to be so hazardous that they can only be handled in the EU under a special licence.

The ultimate aim of Authorisation is to remove the chemicals from the EU marketplace entirely, and this is achieved by the use of a “sunset” date, after which time the chemical cannot be placed on the EU market.  However, not all Authorised substances necessarily have a “sunset” date, at the time of writing.

The current Authorisation list, (with date of last download), Authorisation List export 16-06-2017 .  The Authorisation list can also be downloaded from .

Chemicals which hold an Authorisation, or which contain one or more substances with an Authorisation, must show the Authorisation number for each applicable substance on the label, and also on the SDS.  The Authorisation number format is “REACH/xx/xx/x”.

There may also be specific handling and disposal requirements for substances which are Authorised, (or mixtures containing Authorised substances in sufficient concentration to be covered by the rules on Authorisation), and these requirements must be followed for the Authorisation to be valid.


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