Asbestos containing articles

Articles containing Asbestos are regulated under REACH, Appendix 7, and an extract is attached for reference Appendix VII extracted from Consolidated REACH regs 11-10-2016.

This requires all articles containing Asbestos to be labelled with extra information showing that the article contains asbestos, which can be directly printed on the article, or affixed as a label.  This comprises a white “a” on a black background, text “warning contains asbestos” and other warning text; and also specific advice on handling the article safely.

If you are in this situation, you should read the requirements of Appendix 7 of REACH in detail and follow them carefully.

Other items containing Asbestos, such as wastes, are handled under the appropriate waste regulation.  It is unlikely that Asbestos would come under the CLP regulations as such, e.g. in a mixture, as it is more likely to be held within an article.

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