Dear Knowledgebase subscriber,

I would like to acknowledge the help, hard work, questions and suggestions from past and present staff members and contractors, in particular Sandra Hillier-Brook, Janet Readyhough, Julie Bailey and Tom Whitaker.

Sincere thanks also go to the many clients and members of the Chemical Regulations Self Help Group who have either been on the intensive CLP training course which has formed the basis of this Knowledgebase, or have asked very interesting questions (“there’s no such thing as a stupid question”) which have helped develop the course and Knowledgebase.

In particular, Catherine Ryder of Eurosoft Leeds Ltd, who was the original client for the training course in 2010, and Doreen Lever of Avocet Dyes and Chemicals, who was the second “guinea pig”; Tom Grayson of Grotech Production Ltd; Lisa Hutton of Nufarm Ltd; Anne Mann and Gina Dungworth of Thornton & Ross Ltd; Joanne Gleason of Unicolour Ltd; Peter Watson of Town End (Leeds) plc; Darrell Nash of Albion Dyestuffs Ltd; Stuart Wilkinson of Keystone Europe Ltd; and John Rawson of Sholkem Chemie Associates Ltd.

Many thanks also to the first test users of the Knowledgebase: Kerry Knowles of tremco illbruck ltd; Mick Goodwin of John Hogg Technical Solutions Ltd (now at Milliken Chemicals); and Jonathan Dale of Exponent.

As we have started to run the CLP intensive training course based on the Knowledgebase, our trainees have added new questions and suggestions, including Kerstin Hick of SNF UK Ltd; Lizi Jenkins and Ollie Norman of Blend and Bottle; John Partington of Waterside Colours Ltd; Nigel Slater of John Hogg Technical Solutions Ltd; and Kate Coop, formerly of tremco illbruck ltd.

Other consultants have also contributed indirectly to the training course over the years, through discussions on many topics, and I would like to thank Mark Selby and Gill Pagliuca of Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd, and the late Desmond Waight of Dangoods Ltd.  I appreciate their opinions and inputs very much, even though we sometimes agree to differ!

Finally, thanks and love to my husband Michael Greenwood, who has provided much needed common sense, chemistry answers, and vitally important cups of tea, and without whom TT Environmental Ltd would not exist.

To everyone listed above, and everyone who has worked with TT Environmental Ltd on CLP and REACH, thank you very much for your input, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Janet Greenwood, 10th July 2017

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