About the C&L Inventory

The Classification and Labelling Inventory (C&L Inventory)  is held online at ECHA, and comprises three sets of information:

  • Harmonised classifications (taken from the CLP regulation and its updates)
  • REACH dossier CLP classifications (taken from the disseminated REACH dossiers published by ECHA)
  • CLP classifications notified direct to the C & L Inventory

The inventory was set up in 2010, when it was populated with Harmonised Classifications, and information from the REACH 2010 dossiers.  Everybody who had an eligible substance which had not been registered for REACH had to notify their chemical substances to the C&L Inventory at ECHA, prior to 3rd January 2011 (although , the notification portal actually closed for the holidays in December 2010, so the effective deadline was earlier than this).

Since that time, you are obliged to notify any eligible substances to the C&L inventory within 1 month of first manufacture or import.  Note that, for C&L inventory purposes, importation covers materials you only use in-house, e.g. laboratory chemicals or raw materials, as well as anything you sell on.

The C&L inventory is a useful source of data, but direct notifications do not require any test data to support them, and this means that they are in effect opinions, and there can be multiple competing classifications for a substance.

The C&L inventory can be searched directly from its own page in ECHA, https://echa.europa.eu/information-on-chemicals/cl-inventory-database , or it will come up as a result on a general chemical search from the search box on the first page of the ECHA website, https://echa.europa.eu/ .

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